1: A4 - apartment for 4 persons :: Appartement für 4 Personen

1. floor / 1. Stock

first balcony with sea view
large living room, fully recent decorated
bedroom with high quality mattress
second bedroom, top quality materials and equipments
full equipped kitchen, microwave oven, refrigerator, cooktop, coffee maker
kitchen and dinning table, only best quality, nice living environment
large bathroom, shower, bathroom sink, laundry washer
balcony with sea view
living room, sofa
TV set
dinning table, fruits, light
kitchen, closer view
wardrobe in the bedroom
second bedroom, oposite corner
living  room, panorma view
balcony with wine on the table
dinning table, sitting set
floor plan
kitchen equipment
perfect clean apartment and kitchen
living room
shower pan and toliet
dressing mirror
dinning table with fruits on it
wide interior view
bathroom sing and mirror
balcony with stone fence